1. Free Down Load EP by the group The Autumn Film. Don't miss the two other EPs available for down load on the bottom of the same page. This is a three-piece indie band with really tight sound great grooves and excellent vocals. They’ve been touring nation wide for the past few years. Did I mention they are Christian, but their appeal is catching on far outside of the Christian circuit. But don't just take my word for it listen to what this person had to say - I love having lyrics and sound reflect the tension of a life that is hard and a God that is good.  I can be sad and this music will meet me. I can be happy and this album will meet me. Every song is unique and the lyrics are subtle and thought provoking. Autumn Film strikes the cords of life like no other band I know. Down Load HERE

2. Work by mixed media artist James Hopkins
Wasted Youth, 2006
Mixed Media

The Last Cord, 2006
Mixed Media 
3.The Book - Unclutter Your Life In One Week: a 7 day plan to organize your home, your office, and your life! by Erin Rooney Doland.  

My close friends know I have been battling disorganization in my car, office area and in my house. I CAN'T STAND it anymore!! Ordinarily, I'm a fairly organized person, but for the last year these areas have gotten out of control. I know there is a direct link to clean organized living = clean organized thoughts. In other words, I think clearer when the environment I work and play in is organized and clean. I know my creativity has suffered. So as the bible says, "cleanliness is next to godliness...okay I know that is not from the bible but it should have been, I ask you to forgive me God. 


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Anonymous said...

REPOST - Cami Hodges Kelley: One thing I'm so into right now Cystal Light Sugar Free on the go Immunity Cherry Pomegranate!!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

REPOST - Julie Fitzpatrick Seals: So, how is the organization project coming along for you? (it is something i struggle with)

Jenelle said...

I would venture to say that everyone struggles with organization to some degree. I think that I am fairly organized, but I really work at it, & it feels so good when you get there.

Anonymous said...

REPOST - Lori Oakleaf Croy: I'm fix'n to be clutter free as soon as I buy that book which of course will be considered clutter in a few years.

WT Durrance said...

Haha, Lori that is too funny!

secretlifeofdawn said...

This is my thought, seems the older (ugh!) I get, the more the clutter annoys me. So a couple months ago I decided to do something about it, I picked up a big organization board, set my kids down, and handed out a chore/organization list, I also posted all the chores, activities, practices, family time, prayer time on the board. Seems to be working out pretty good. Yes, we fall off the wagon every now and again, but really, who doesn't!, what really matters is that we all, well I'm not sure what really... matters, I haven't got that far yet!, but you get the gist.

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