My Christmas Music Playlist (buy today)

Oh, Starling: "Joy" and this year's Ep release "Noel"  I call it alternative folk. They take pride in their artful rearrangements. You won't be disappointed. Support this independent christian Husband and wife team ($5 Eps and a free song download here).

JJ Heller: "Wake Up The World". Laid back and chill folk. Of course JJ is gaining popularity in the christian music ranks. This little 6 song release is nice on the ears. (buy here)   

"Salvation Is Created" by Bifrost Arts. They say they are "a sacred music non-profit that exits to enrich the church and engage with beauty and truth". This is unique and beautiful haunting at times and serene. Many artists have collaborated on this project. (buy here

"This Warm December" by Brushfire Records. This is for us people who live in the west. It's a compilation of artists such as Jack Johnson. It will make you want to have a cup of joe in your favorite coffeehouse or stroll the winter beach in your warmest coat and scarf - what can I say, it's the only type of winter we get out here on the coast. At 7.99 it's a great buy for 12 songs. (buy here

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