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Say yes more
Create even when I don’t feel like it (the motion produces motivation)
Be more aware of the wonder of life (notice what others overlook)
Look up more (literally and metaphorically)
Sit on the floor more
Play like a child
Re-read books that have inspired me (*)
Make time to paint once a month
Be comfortable with silence
Listen more
Give more away
Down size my possessions
Buy less
Live simple
Think profoundly
Reach for the higher fruit (take risks/step out in faith)
Explore a new artistic discipline
Embrace pain as an impetus to create
Respond to God’s voice

* (crazy love, the accidental master piece, orbiting the giant hairball, the dream giver, the creative habit, writing in restaurants, blue like jazz, living by fiction) 

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Fritz said...

I will REMEMBER that Kindness is a choice
Love is a choice
Happiness is a choice
Success is a choice
I will REMEMBER that Everything is a choice

Todd, best to you in 2011.
Love, Lori Croy

WT Durrance said...

@Lori - kindness, love, happiness, success...wow! Wouldn't the world... no better yet wouldn't our "own little worlds" be better if we just tried to do half of what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

To learn something new everyday! I’ve been reading, “Wide Awake” by Erwin McManus and I am seriously inspired to Reimagine, Relearn and reinvent myself with God at the center of it all.
What I have learned in the past will not always be enough to sustain me in the future. Although, it does not matter as much what I’ve learned, but that I am a learner, resourceful and flexible.
Have an open mind and heart and recognize that in every discipline and every field, there is something you can learn that will help you become a better person and advance God’s purpose for your life.

I am committed to personal and continuous change. This is my humble little mission. 
Excited to put this idea in to action and experience all that God has for me in 2011!


WT Durrance said...

@ Renee - "what I have learned in the past will not always sustain me in the future"...great thought. Do you think we tend to hold to the ways of the past far beyond their usefulness? In order to change - to embrace the"new" we have to get comfortable with the unknown.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, step out of our comfort zone and get comfortable with the unknown is right. The problem is this little emotion called fear; false evidence appearing real. Instead we should embrace faith; substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This doesn't mean trying to muster up enough belief to make something happen. I think it means knowing that when you invite God to do life with you, He will be all the inspiration, strength and provision you need to become the person you were meant to be.
Of course action is required...so let us walk the talk.


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