This post is in response to feeling a bit stagnat artistically. And with this state comes a bit of depression...I'm fighting back! The artistic life is a tortured one isn't it? But I feel it doesn't have to be. I hope my list inspires you to think, be thoughtful, and be thankful. Please leave a list of your own.

Things I Stand In Awe Of

Bright stars in the sky at night
The morning after a fresh rain
The delicacy of a butterfly’s wings
The vast variety of plants
Shade trees and fresh cut green grass
The wind on a sunny spring day
The seemingly endless variety of animal life
Leaves blowing in the wind
Watching others create
Watching blades of grass being pushed over by a strong wind

Things That Are Good

The smell of fresh paint on canvas
Creating something new
The sounds of an audience laughing
The feel of new clothes against my skin
Watermelon on a hot summer day
Influencing someone else's talent 
Candy that sticks to your mouth

Things That Trigger A Found Memory

Running through tall grass
Red balloons
1950s pennies
Eating cereal on Saturday morning
Walking on the beach at sunset
Watching 4th Of July fireworks over the pier
Saltwater taffy at the county fair
Running with a new pair of tennis shoes
Riding a two-seated bike by the lake
Fishing with crickets
Riding bikes in the redwood forest

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