My good friend Karen Harding has released a great mix of christmas songs - a little bit of country, a little bit of soul, and a lot of Karen. Buy HERE. Check out the Youtube Vid with samples from the CD - Karen Video.

Q. What was the inspiration for the song choices and arrangements?

I chose an array of styles, from new to traditional and even wrote a new one. I wanted to do things that are familiar and comforting, to the great new song by Israel and Martha Munizzi "White Christmas". Each song is a message or a memory. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Great feelings of generosity. Lots of smiles and goodwill. Hanging out with Family, etc.

Q. How was your experience in the studio?

I had so much fun recording this. I actually even read a poem called "The Star" before singing "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem"  - I wanted something that everyone could enjoy.

Q. Describe the central theme of your CD

In the hustle and bustle of it all I wanted to remind everyone the "True Meaning of Christmas" (the one song I wrote). Christmas is not about going to the mall or baking cookies, although that's part of it...but the TRUE MEANING is Jesus. The title "Hope For the Season" says it all. There is always hope. 

For more of Karen's music visit www.karenharding.com

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