1. FREE Christmas music download (you have to download by Thanksgiving). You will want to have this EP of “Oh Startling, Joy” by Christian husband and wife team, singer songwriters, Dan Craig and Jessica Sonner. After only one year of marriage this sweet project emerged. This will appeal to people who like indie, folk rock, lounge, Nora Jones, Amy Winehouse, soft accustic guitar driven music. At any rate, it’s Free, and it’s Christmas, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the original arrangements and unique vocal stylings. I can’t stop listen to this – it never grows old on me. Download HERE and tell me what you think.  

  1. “LOVE” the new production by the Cirque Du Soleil producers is in Las Vegas and weaves a loose storyline using only songs form the Beatles. I had the opportunity to hear an interview with one of its creators at an arts conference I attended. It’s by far one of Cirque Du Soleil’s most creative productions. Watch behind the scenes vid HERE  and a montage of the show HERE - you will be amazed!

  1. Poetry in motionif you’re having a rough hectic week, like myself, watch this vid HERE and enjoy the art of people in slow motion. We could all slow down a little. There’s something beautiful about this. Tell me what you think.

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