Blacklight Mime and Movement Piece 
song by Relient K "I Celebrate The Day" 

I had been wanting to do something on stage with blacklight for a long time. So the opportunity came when we needed something for our Christmas '07 service. I'm not the type who does the same thing every year just because it's a tradition or it's easier. I guess it's the artist in me that makes me bored. This is one of two blacklight performance pieces that I created that year. If you have ever tried to video blacklight then you will know it's hard to see. 

The idea came from just hearing the song. I was looking for music to use and something about this song struck me. The message of the song is a fresh take on the subject and makes it relevant by bringing it into the twenty-first century.  

I wanted to mix what appears to be gloved hands in abstract movement at the beginning as a back drop for the central character (yes that's me - had no one else to do it). The hands most of the time are doing something different than my character. But watch at the end as the hands sync with my character's and are taken out of the abstract and given context. I didn't want the hands to do the same thing my character did the whole song - that would be redundant. Also what you see is a small Christmas tree to my left (I act as if I'm adjusting ornaments).  Please comment.  

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